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Regulatory Services.

Regulatory Practice

AIM was founded in 1989 to assist insurance regulators proactively manage potentially troubled companies. We have developed an experience base and expertise in conducting prompt, insightful company evaluations incorporating governance, management, strategy, enterprise risk, operations and competitive market position. Combined with our financial and capital needs assesment, regulators benefit from a full and objective understanding of a company’s prospects and needs.

With this insight, we assist in developing corrective action plans that maximize the opportunity for success. Responsiveness always a critical factor, AIM’s collaborative approach facilitates communication with management minimizing timeframes. AIM’s supervisory oversight assures management’s adherence to corrective measures, tracks progress, addresses interim issues and quickly indentifies the need if plan adjustments are necessary.

Should revitalization not be possible; our assessments identify the best means for rehabilitation and/or liquidation.

AIM is a single source providing:

  • Solvency and troubled company assessment
  • Assistance with developing corrective action plans and financial modeling to measure effectiveness
  • Plan implementation oversight
  • Expert testimony and documents for court proceedings
  • Confidential administrative supervision, rehabilitation and liquidation services

AIM regulatory services include:

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